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Destination Development & Management

Tourism and travel, in its current form, is a cultural, social and economic phenomenon that has attracted an increasing interest from both the societies of developed and developing countries, since it is considered as one of the key areas that can lead to the development structure, to increase living standards and to expand the overall well-being. However, today, it is unrealistic to believe that tourism is the only solution to the problems of the countries / regions / cities, and as mentioned before it is a social and economic activity of the destinations, but it has a significant and wider, economic, social, cultural and environmental influence ...

The role of Tourism Destination Management is to manage and support the integration of different resources, activities and stakeholders through appropriate policies and actions. It therefore implies both governmental and operational responsibilities (planning, organizing and controlling business activities), which should generally be performed by the public sector ... but in the line with local stakeholders mainly the residents and the local enterprises ...

 “An ounce of practice is generally worth more than a ton of theory.”

" Ένα γραμμάριο εφαρμογής 

ισούται με έναν τόνο θεωρίας "


DMO Development & Management

The role of a Destination Management Organization (DMO) is to responsibly manage and market tourism within a specific area. DMOs help to establish a competitive edge for the destination, ensure long-term sustainability, strengthen institutional governance, and build a strong and vibrant brand identity around your destination. DMOs are absolutely essential for sustainable tourism management ... we work to helping establish a DMO from start to finish.

The offer includes an exciting 52-week virtual DMO Development program, both for brand for start-up DMOs or spin-off DMOs that hope to strengthen the institutional capacity and abilities of their staff. The DMO D program is designed to help transition your DMO into a financially sustainable and impactful organization that leads your destination’s development, marketing, management, and research efforts.

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Team Building

Engine Power is your team

Wine Tourism Routes

Eno Gastronomy understanding


For an omellete you need to break eggs

Local Products Tourism

Think Locally .. Act Globally

Hidden Corners

Imagination through spiritual corners


5 Senses 365 days


Be Host and act as Guest


Intangible heritage

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Unknown Steps

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Social Entrepreneurship 

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Designed for 2 or more persons, experiences based on 4 Elements & 5 Human Senses

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Tourist Information Systems

Obtaining and collecting tourist information in today's circumstances is generally not easy. Tourist Information is the name of the contents at the external world.

Bike & Hike Friendly Systems

Bicycle-friendly and hike friendly policies and practices help visitors and residents people feel more comfortable about moving on foot or traveling by bicycle with other traffic. The level of bicycle-friendliness of an environment can be influenced by many factors including town planning and cycling infrastructure decisions.


Risk & Crisis Management

During the crisis, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery are considered to be an important four-step process to successfully manage a crisis. 

EU & Global Projects Funding

Your needs must meet each project axis. There are solutions for all parts of the destination management process. 

Creating Attractive Destinations

Destination Management Plan

Socio-economic sustainability Plan


Cultural Sustainability Plan

Environmental Sustainability Plan

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